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The Accidental Expert



I totally get this chart, though it’d be easier to read if it showed the teeth constructed in their rightful maxillary and mandibular arches.

I love talking shop with dental assistants. One day a few years ago, I needed to have a filling replaced and I said to the assistant, “Tooth 36 on the occusal side needs refilling.” Later, we discussed some of the uglier x-rays we’d seen over the years. I was never a dental assistant, but I did work for many years in a medical/dental insurance company. I have yet to find a more complicated, clause-heavy , brain power-involved job, even when I worked in Policy for the government. The turn-around at that company was intimidating because most people couldn’t handle the complexities involved in reading benefit plans and applying them to claims. Luckily, I was able to stick it out and survive the probationary period and went on to learn a lot about dentistry. We regularly looked at x-rays, learned about dental procedures, and even had a few dental codes imprinted in our brains. (01202 – recall exam. 11112 – two units of scaling. 11107 – a half unit of polishing – those are all Ontario dental codes that I can’t remove from my brain!) Years later, I’ve seen a demand for dental articles, mainly ghostwriting. A lot of dentists seem to be jumping on the blog bandwagon but either they 1) don’t have the time to write or 2) they aren’t good at writing. That’s where *I* come in. 

Put Knowledge to Good Use

When you’re a writer for hire, you might often find yourself accepting specific jobs in specific fields. For example, many writers are doing a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) posts for marketing websites. Through these projects, they become experts in the SEO field. I myself have avoided this niche as I don’t feel that it puts good talent to use. Instead, I’ve been going after some of the more difficult articles out there, specifically in the field of dentistry, putting knowledge I already possess to good use.

Embrace Your New Niche

I would never say to someone, “I’m a dental blogger” (unless of course I was applying for a dental blogger position). But I’m not afraid to actively pursue those types of articles. I enjoy writing about them, explaining periodontal procedures, good brushes to use, and other dental-related things. 

Pursue the Market

I’ve been rolling the idea around in my head of contacting local dental offices around the city, to see if any of them would need an extra little push to assure their patients they’re in the right hands. If they have a website, they might have a blog. Could be worth my time. And you might, as a blogger, have a niche of your own that not a lot of people could just automatically write about. Don’t be afraid to get out there and see if there’s a need for your services. You’d be working together directly, with no intermediary like oDesk or elance.com and you can negotiate your own fees. 

I became an expert by accident and I intend to turn a profit!