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Goodbye, my love

I would like to start this post off with a poem.

You were the light of my life

A shining beacon in the wilderness of the every day

Cutting bonds from which the coil of human misery

always thrives.

Come back to me.

Yeah, I wrote that for my computer. She died a few days ago.Let us observe a moment of silence for my Acer laptop. The next step is to obviously buy something new. The good news is that my hard drive can be recovered, it was a motherboard issue (still sucks though!)

A Writer’s Best Friend

My laptop was a very expensive gift from my partner. I had asked him for one, mostly joking because let’s face it, a laptop is an extravagant gift. He came through for me, and bought me a top of the line gaming computer. (I’m also a big gamer in case you haven’t guessed). It was fast, it had a ton of memory, and an extra large screen so I could enjoy the full effect, I guess. Because of this larger screen, I should be able to sell the pooched computer for parts, it’s just a matter of who wants it.

Portable Machinery

I’ve always liked iPads…they’re snazzy and you can do a lot with them. The only thing is, if you’re a writer, it’s not very practical. You’d have to get a keyboard hooked up to it and the screen isn’t that big. I’ll definitely be getting another laptop, but probably something smaller. Having something that I can take with me to meetings or coworking greatly benefits my business, as a writer.

Get What You Need, Nothing More

If I’m only going to use the computer to write, surf the internet, and play The Sims 3 on occasion, I will want to get a high powered computer, but only reasonably so. I don’t need a souped up, mega RAM, five billion KB per millisecond beast, but having SOME bells and whistles can be fun. The important things are internet and Microsoft Office 2007 (or whatever version you prefer). But if I can still stream Game of Thrones, I’ll be a very happy girl.

Wish me luck on finding the perfect beast of burden for my literary pursuits!