When to Call it Quits

I thought I’d found the solution to my monetary problems. I was offered a chance to write 500 word articles for $20. My usual rate for 500 words varies on the amount of research, the style, and who the audience is, but it’s a safe bet that I usually charge between $10 – $15 per. This particular client made it all seem easy peasy, so I rattled off a test article for them. The “CEO” of their company liked it, but it needed some changes to go with their style guide. So I re-wrote it. Then I didn’t hear back. I tried reaching the “CEO” through several channels and after TWO WEEKS, I find out that 1) they’re still interested, but 2) they’ve changed the parameters, so now it’s 250 words for $10. That’s still pretty good, considering it’s just a small write-up, but would it be worth it to work for someone who thinks it’s ok to disappear for 2 weeks (while being “online” on Skype!!!)?

Try to do your own sleuthing

Ok, maybe we can’t really do background checks but people talk. Research the company or person who is commissioning the work. Do they have a lot of feedback? Or are they so difficult to find that it almost seems shady?

Stay in contact

Admittedly, I was becoming a bit of a pain in the posterior for this “CEO”. I messaged him daily on Skype, always reminding him that I still hadn’t heard from him. I then took to pestering his “assistant” but she’d only deflect it and say that he was going to contact me shortly. It never hurts to chase people down, but you might end up burning a bridge if you’re too zealous or if the person truly did have a good reason for being incommunicado.

Is it worth the hassle?
Man, $10 for 250 words could be the easiest money I’ve ever made. I could crank out article after article, no problem. But what if I were to take the job and the contact disappears again? What if the work runs out? I’m not even 40% confident in this employer.

To make a long story short, the “CEO” asked me to redo (AGAIN) a test article, this time for 250 words. But he was VERY vague about what he wanted and didn’t answer my last few questions before signing off. Needless to say, I’m not even going to pursue it anymore.

And the loser never gave me my $20!!


2 thoughts on “When to Call it Quits

  1. Andrea Bedard Post author

    Where do you find your work usually? Any tips will be greatly appreciated, I’m trying to get more work lately. Thanks. And I agree…behavior was completely unacceptable and I ripped him a new one when cancelling my contract.


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